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Una noche vaga (0)

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Yesterday I made the lengthy trip out of the Buenos Aires limits to Ituzaingó (great name - after the Battle of Ituzaingó) for the Inversa night. The linepup included Negro Moreno, Onda Vaga, El Remolón, Leonchalon and DJ Raffa.

Negro Moreno spun mainly cumbia bootlegs mixing it all up, lot of US hi-hop (Wu-Tang, O.D.B. etc...) I guess he was warming the crowd up.

I think a lot of people came to see Onda Vaga, a band on the up, and a lot of people were a little disappointed. They were plagued by technical issues (lack of monitors, instruments unamplified etc) and their sound never managed to fill the vast space of the venue. Despite this, they looked and acted the part. Five bearded chaps sharing vocals and instruments at every opportunity. A sea of harmonies and brass (amplified acoustica?) which could be categorized, appropriatley, as vagabond music. Will be good to see them again in a better venue (KONEX on Wednesday perhaps?)

Onda Vaga - Me Pega Fuerte:

After the Vaga Onda of Onda Vaga, another sluggish artist took to the stage, El Remolón (translating as the lazy one...) and blew me away.

He played a live set on his mac using a midi keyboard, microphone and percussion. A set of pure fire skewed kumbia. Randomly singing Manu Chao, sampling Madonna, improvising on his little keyboard and a nada k ver Calle 13 remix. This guy is pushing it forward and I can't wait to get hold of the B-sides from his smashin' Pibe Cosmo album. Listen to some previews here:

Matias Aguayo - Minimal (El Remolón Remix)

El Remolón - Veridis Quo (Daft Punk reprise) vs De La Soul

Animal Collective - My Girls (El Remolón Cumbia Mix)

Alcides - Violeta (El Remolón Remix)

Leonchalon closed the night, a local reggae band, and they were...an above average local reggae band. The crowd got deep into. I left at 5:35am on a bewilderingly busy Sunday morning train back to Bs As just in bed just in time for sunrise.

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