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Mouse in the house. 1

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I am stumped by this guy. I just don't get it but he is entertaining. The man is one of the following: a) some kind of underground, electronica artist exploring and experimenting with new directions. b) a flogger (still not sure what this flogger thing is all about...) taking himself way too seriously or c) a joke. Decide for yourself.
Wikipedia comes to the rescue!

"La versión actual de este artículo o sección parece estar escrita a modo de publicidad."

Or not...I think that roughly translates as: he wrote his own wikipedia entry. So the artist known as Mäuss has 1 official website, 2 fotologs, a wikipedia entry and 6 myspaces! Man alive! The most prolific underground artist in Argentina?

He is the DJ. (Are these what you call floggers?)

El Beso

Finally I leave with a quote, a gem of 8-bit cumbia and Charlie Parker meets a drum machine:

Está inmerso en otro proyecto de experimentación con la música tropical, la electrónica y el minimal, bajo un proyecto de teknotrónika, al que denominó como Mäuss Y la sonora 8 bits. (Like Skwee meets cumbia on a mobile phone.) Integra paralelamente un trío de electronic jazz junto al flautista & saxofonista Martín Barcos y el bajista Santiago Olivera (dos de los músicos de jazz más talentosos de la Mesopotamia), con quienes hace versiones de Charlie Parker.

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Anonymous on 16 February 2010 at 20:58

Me encanta la música de Mäuss!!! Presido su fan club!


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