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Another little recomendation from Bs As: Miss Bolivia! An MC thorwing shapes n words to some dancehall, hop-hip tropical, IDM argentine beats. Funk-key. You can download her EP/demo Vibracion legally from the wonderfully comprehensive archive.org

Catch her out live over the next month (the 29th of May is with aforementioned Kumbia Queers!):

25 Apr 2009 22:00
Casa Brandon Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)
8 May 2009 23:00
FM ROCK AND POP - LA DE DIOS Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)
9 May 2009 23:00
LO DE GARONE Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires (provincia)
29 May 2009 20:00
C.C.San Martín - Ciclo NUEVO Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)

In other news, Net-Lab is based in Brighton, I am not sure exactly what it is or how I found it but it looks great, here is the spiel:

  • Encourages legal free distribution and redistribution of music, via a Creative Commons license
  • Supports growth of small, independent artists Worldwide, particularly those creating leftfield electronica
  • Strengthens personal development and exploration of sound, particularly into the avant garde
  • Presents up-to-date information and reviews on live events and new releases from the worlds of Electronica, Indie, Rock, Dubstep, Electro, UK Grime and more
I am IN. Check out the releases for good shit, even an EP from BA's own dubstep man Daleduro. Also little chunks of info kind of blogish. Right on.

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