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August's Rhythm 'n' Roots Mix goes back up to 130 BPM to bring all sorts of house, bongo-tech, ghettohall, dancequake, squarebass music for your ears. Many of the tunes were dug out of the big internet blogging crate and the others can be paid for (!!)

Download, put it on your walkman and jive.


  1. Rubidan & Lostbahnhof - Hold on Tight vs Clare Fischer - Descarga Yema Ya
  2. Karizma - The Ganni
  3. Plastician - Still Tippin' (Vocal Edit)
  4. Zombie Disco Squad - Eurovision (Mowgli Remix)
  5. Stush & Hard House Banton - We Nah Run (Sirens Riddim)
  6. Kenny Dope ft James Rouse - Money for Love
  7. Lady Chann & Sticky - Sticky Situation
  8. Headhunter - Physics Impulse
  9. Benga - Why is Everything Mono vs Twizzle - Skydiving (Greenmoney Remix)
  10. Zombie Disco Squad - Esperanto
  11. Boy 8 Bit - Baltic Pine
  12. Villa Diamante - Lykke Li vs Martyn

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Toddla T has been another one of those names which crops up all over the internet, be it remixes, hype or his mixes. A dancehall, funky, bashment junky, the young Sheffield lad has produced and remixed an awful lot and thus has created a big buzz, no doubt soon to be increased by the latest Fabric Live Mix CD. Toddla takes the reins for number 47 and mixes up all sorts. Out noooow.

Check out the entertaining videos on the BBC's Introducing site with him giving tips for up and coming artists:

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Thanks to one super super blog (Bass Music blog) I discovered another super super blog (Cooliado) with some super music and thing. Grab the mix recommended on the Bass Music blog for the reasons stated, a really interesting mix of techno-minimal-house which drops into neo-cumbia and finishes with The Doors. It was mixed by Un Mono Azul who was amongst the winners of the Fauna remix competition held by ZZK Records.

The inclusion of Faithless, Ricardo Villalobos, Animal Collective, Fauna, Missy Elliot, Renaissance Man, Kraftwerk and The Rapture all in one mix should be enough to wet the appetite!


The blog is full of good stuff and if you can wade through el español then there is a good read to be had and a some excellent music.

In their own words:

Congratulations for sniffing basslines. it's a good way to blow your mind. I wanna see you injecting yourself with harmony.Cheers

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New Radiohead (0)

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Mr York and co. have offered up a new tune on the W.A.S.T.E. site/as a torrent called These are My Twisted Words. Amid an awful lot of rumour and guesswork (as ever with Radiohead) the song first appeared as a rather suspicious torrent before the band stopped the rumour mill and and posted it on their blog for free.

Anyway, it is pretty darn good and proves that Radiohead have definately still got it.

Twisted Woods artwork

Download from their Dead Air Space blog here along with the tribute to the 111 year old First World War veteran, Harry Patch released a few weeks back.

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Posts have become a little sparse because I am in the middle of the countryside and working on lots and lots of music and not listening to enough! However, a couple of things caught my eye this weekend.

The wonderful FACT mix series reaches number 75, quite impressive really and celebrates with a mix by the man TRG. The mix shows TRG's UK funky house influences as with a fair few cross-over 2-step/dubstep producers these days. Tunes from the likes of US house mainstay Karizma and UK's Roska alongside a bunch of TRG's new tunes (Hitek House) and the TRG remix of L-Vis 1990's Untitled Groove. Grab it here: FACT 75

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L Vis 1990 New Mix (0)

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A summer mix from L-Vis 1990 (see down there) It is a funky house/2-step/4x4 style mix for those rare sunny afternoons! Check out the MJ Cole remix of United Groove.

Green=wetter than average summer

Link: L-Vis 1990 Mid Summer Mixtape

1. AM Roots – He Africa feat. Fred Mthembu
2. Rishi Romero – African Forest
3. Geeneus – Yellow Tail VIP
4. DVA – Jelly Roll
5. Conan liquid – The King
6. Untold – Just For You (Roska Remix)
7. DJ Gregory – Vasefa (Argy Remix Beats)
9. Karizma – Neccessarry Maddness
10. Greena – Tenzado
11. L-Vis 1990 – Hide
12. Tayo – Salvador Riddim
13. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)
14. Bok Bok – Ripe Banana
15. Joy Orbison – Wet Look
16. Brackles – Get a Job
17. L-Vis 1990 – Untitled

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Free TRG tune (0)

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A free tune from Romanian producer extraordinaire TRG? Yes please. Thanks to Bass Music blog for this 2-step business:

"It's a remix of Al Haca, and it's a track that was actually done about two years ago, but never released by the label for whatever reason."

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L-Vis 1990 name keeps cropping up with his endless remixes, mix tapes (UK Funky house, Fabric promo mix, Dubplates) and production work (so called "dubblestep" creations). His musical knowledge is deep and his sound is refreshing.

This is a video of the mad United Groove released on Mad Decent:

Finally a couple of remixes:

Buraka Som Sistema - IC19 (L-Vis 1990 Remix)

L-Vis - Big Weekend (Generation Bass Blog)

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