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Seems everybody who is anybody in the US was at Coachella this weekend. Bastards. Another dizzy line-up which I think is just plain indulgent. Like easter. Interestingly however, there was quite the "latin" contingent reppin' (well...Mexico and Argentina...):

El Gran Silencio (Mexican-Ska-Rap?!)
Molotov (Mexican Rock leeegeeends)
Bajofondo (Exportable electro-tango)
Zizek ( The real, the symbolic or the imaginary?)
Calexico (Tex-Mex-Met-Text)
Mexican Institute of Sound (Mex-Mex-Mezcla)

Slavoj didn't make it to Coachella, Zizek did.

Also some other worldy sounds and rhythms such as Kuduro Kings, Buraka Som Sistema who Diplo seems to think are fairly mad and fairly decent (see his blog for some cochella crowd action)

In other news, the seemingly pleasant D/J Rupture goes shopping for cumbia (this man gets EVERYWHERE!) Also check the nod to blogs and being into the latest "thing" + Cumbia! Caught red handed. Time to look for the next fashionably, underground yet exportable world music and blog about it before anyone else! (Apologies for the cynicism...I do truly dig innovation)

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