Rhythm 'n' Roots

Musical Explorations.

August's Rhythm 'n' Roots Mix goes back up to 130 BPM to bring all sorts of house, bongo-tech, ghettohall, dancequake, squarebass music for your ears. Many of the tunes were dug out of the big internet blogging crate and the others can be paid for (!!)

Download, put it on your walkman and jive.


  1. Rubidan & Lostbahnhof - Hold on Tight vs Clare Fischer - Descarga Yema Ya
  2. Karizma - The Ganni
  3. Plastician - Still Tippin' (Vocal Edit)
  4. Zombie Disco Squad - Eurovision (Mowgli Remix)
  5. Stush & Hard House Banton - We Nah Run (Sirens Riddim)
  6. Kenny Dope ft James Rouse - Money for Love
  7. Lady Chann & Sticky - Sticky Situation
  8. Headhunter - Physics Impulse
  9. Benga - Why is Everything Mono vs Twizzle - Skydiving (Greenmoney Remix)
  10. Zombie Disco Squad - Esperanto
  11. Boy 8 Bit - Baltic Pine
  12. Villa Diamante - Lykke Li vs Martyn

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