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Rhythm 'n' Roots Volume III (0)

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Another month passes and it is time for another Rhythm 'n' Roots mix. This time inspiration came from the latest ZZK Compilation and includes four tracks from the album as well as a few other ZZK tracks from other releases and a whole host of great music drawn from my collection and new discoveries from scouring the internet. It has lots of rhythm and lots of roots for the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter down here in the southern.

Winter is a comin' in (Photo from here)

Download, listen, spread it around and enjoy! (Click the snow or the link below.)

  1. Lulacruza - Soloina
  2. Doña María - Doña María
  3. Marta Gómez - Chicharra
  4. Caballeros Con Descuento - El Francés
  5. The Knife - Got to Let You Go (Tropical Mix)
  6. Chancha Via Circuito - Selva
  7. Omzo - Li Guen Pt II
  8. Kingdom - Jump Up Step Back
  9. Princessa - I Feel So Good (El Remolón Mix)
  10. Petrona Martínez - Un Niño Que Llora en Las Montes de María + El Hueso (King Coya Remix)
  11. Frikstailers - Cumbia Kamisama
  12. Kirat - Mamma
  13. Balkan Beat Box - Habibi Min Zaman (BBB Remix)
  14. Passaic (?) - Goza New Jersey, Baile New York
  15. Systema Solar - Mi Kolombia
  16. El Remolón - Escape a Barcelona (Ft Blitto & Jahcoozi)
  17. Flying Lotus - GNG BNG
  18. Chosan, LF & El Gambina - O.N.E. (One.Nation.Emerging)
  19. Kinksi - Badunk Gadunk (VS Burial)
  20. Daleduro - La Poli
  21. The Heatwave - Piano Riddim (Rubidan Vocal - Higher Heights)
  22. Theophilus London - Grey X Stage (El Buho Remix)

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